Effective Preparation

In order to ensure that you are effectively prepared for investor analysis, and due diligence, you should first spend several hours reviewing your business plan through the eyes of an investor.

Comparative Analysis

Using the Venture 360 Analysis software will provide you with direct comparison to the category scores of hundreds of other ventures. This competitive strength analysis can provide you with truly meaningful insights about where your business is strong and where it might need some work.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Each investor you approach with your business will likely give you one chance to impress upon them the strength and value of your business. Make the most of your rolodex of contacts by doing the hard work up front and ensuring that your business plan is buttoned up before you start pitching.

Save Money

While it would be ideal if there were teams of experts willing to help strengthen your business, the truth is resources can often be scarce. Utilize access to proven venture analysis tools to save you the time and cost of road shows and presentation fees by making sure that your venture can stand up to the competition.

Who are we?

The foundation for the analysis application was developed over the past 5 years by the team at North, a California based consumer centric incubator who works with select entrepreneurs and large corporate partners to identify and capture disruptive growth opportunities. Venture 360 is a division within North that helps entrepreneurs accelerate the growth of new ventures, as well as support investor partners with their new venture analysis process.

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Customer Feedback

Their Venture 360 report is proving to be beneficial to our fundraising process by giving prospective investors an unbiased and impartial analysis of our business."
Sam Shank, CEO, DealBase.com
We were immediately impressed with the clarity of the evaluation. Each category had a set of criteria, with numeric and comparative ratings. There was a graphical look at the company’s evaluation, as well as competitive insights. And it didn’t take days to read through. It was thorough and simple at the same time.”
David Hehman, Co-Founder, Spartina Ventures, LLC
The exciting thing about their report is that it provides investors with an assessment of risk, not just upside. Seeing both sides of an opportunity in a clear standardized format is a breath of fresh air when compared to reading a success-oriented business plan. If you’re an Angel investor that is considering a new venture, there’s much to gain from reading their thorough analysis.”
Tom Armstrong, AAL, White & Lee LLP